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Courteous Practices to Remember

a hand handing a felt heart to a pair of outstretched cupped hands

Being courteous and respectful to others around us is important. Because September is National Courtesy Month, we wanted to share a few basic courteous practices that we all would do well to remember at our Fairfax, VA apartment community.

Say “Thank You”

When you are the recipient of a kind gesture, service, or other courtesy, show your appreciation by saying “thank you.” It may seem like a small thing but it lets the giver know that their kind act was both noticed and appreciated.

Be Polite When Using Common Areas

Cavalier Court’s community amenities are there for everyone to use, and your use of them can have a long-lasting effect on how others use it. Be careful and polite when you’re using these amenities. Clean up after yourself, avoid damage and talk to management in the event of an emergency, and be willing to share space.

Clean Up After Yourself

Your messes in your apartment may not immediately affect anyone else, but think of how they might go out of hand and inconvenience others. For example, leaving bad smells in your home may waft into the rest of the building. Living in a messy environment may make it easier for you to leave messes in common areas, or it may even mean you forget about picking up anything left in hallways. Remember that cleanliness makes living easier for you and everyone every day.

Mind Your Manners

Minding your manners means thinking of others’ comfort and doing what you can to foster that. Think of the needs and wishes of others and be willing to make accommodations to help everyone feel respected and happy. This means keeping the noise in your apartment down and being friendly to those you interact with, even in passing. Politeness does a lot to foster healthy communication and peaceful living.

What other courteous practices would you add to our list? Share them with us in the comments. Happy National Courtesy Month!