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Ideas For the Long Holiday Weekend

Pumpkins, acorns, and leaves on a wooden background with the text Happy Thanksgiving overall

While the focus of your holiday weekend will undoubtedly be your Thanksgiving feast, chances are you may be looking for some other activities you can do with your family or friends throughout the rest of the weekend. Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of effort to plan and prepare, so we here at Cavalier Court Blog are bringing you a few simple ideas for activities you can do that require little to no planning.

Read Up on the History of Thanksgiving

A simple activity you might enjoy this year is taking a few minutes to read about the history of Thanksgiving to remind yourself of how it came to be. Think about the difficult times the pilgrims and the Native Americans faced and their desire to still count their blessings and acknowledge successes. Share what you learn with your family and friends.


A meaningful tradition practiced by some is to volunteer at a local shelter or charity to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Find out if any of the charities in our area serve a Thanksgiving meal, and volunteer an hour or two of your time to help out if they do. We suggest starting with local charities like Britepaths or Food for Others. Remember how rewarding it feels to give back to your community.

Do a Puzzle

If you haven’t completed a puzzle in a while, this might seem like a silly activity, but it’s actually a great way to interact with others. It doesn’t take too much effort or attention to do, but it serves as a good excuse to get together to socialize around something simple and non-controversial. You might have a favorite puzzle of your own, if not, ask a guest to bring one.

Compile a Family Cookbook

Put together a cookbook with the family favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Make sure everyone has a copy so that when someone in the family can’t make it home for the holiday, they can still enjoy their favorite tastes from home.

Watch a Thanksgiving-Themed Movie

Enjoy your holiday weekend by watching traditional Thanksgiving-themed movies. Some families have a tradition of going to a new release movie during the long Thanksgiving weekend every year. If that’s your style, check out what is coming soon to theaters and buy tickets ahead of time to avoid any sold-out movies on this busy weekend. If you’d rather stay at home, choose a favorite movie to watch with with the whole gang. We suggest A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, You’ve Got Mail, Rocky, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles to fill the bill.

However you spend your holiday weekend, whether you host festivities at your Fairfax, PA apartment or you travel to visit relatives, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!