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Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Man at bar with a glass of beer and a set of keys on the counter - he's reaching for them and someone is pulling his hand away

Welcome back to the Cavalier Court Blog! In today’s post, our goal is to help you stay safe on the road by inviting everyone in our apartment community to observe National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. We’re encouraging you to recommit yourself to practicing a few simple things this month and throughout the year. When you’re out attending holiday parties that serve alcohol, these tips will keep yourself safe on the roads in Fairfax, VA, or wherever you might be.

Select an Alternate Form of Transportation

Even though driving your own vehicle may seem like a much more convenient way to get to and holiday celebrations, there are other ways to get you where you need to go. If you find yourself in a larger city, check to see if there are any public transportation routes near where you’re going. If there isn’t, call a ride service like Uber or Lyft to take you to and from your party. While it may cost you a little bit of extra money and time to find another form of transportation other than your car, you surely won’t regret it when you return home safely after the party.

Choose a Designated Driver

If it just isn’t possible to take another form of transportation, be responsible by deciding on a designated driver before you leave your home. While it may seem inconvenient and you might have to set up a carpool, designating a driver who has opted not to drink alcohol on a given night is the responsible thing to do, and it will keep you and other drivers out of harm’s way. Trust us, you’ll be thankful you chose one!

Learn to Spot Drunk Drivers

At the end of the day, it is unfortunately impossible for you to ensure that every driver will be sober on the road this month. For that reason, it’s crucial to be able to spot drunk drivers when you’re driving. If you notice a driver this month who is making overly-wide turns, unnecessarily braking, driving with their lights off at night, taking far too long at a stop light, or getting dangerously and scarily close to other cars or to stationary objects, then there’s a pretty good chance that they are driving under the influence. In the event that you notice someone driving like this, get out of their way, pull over, and report them to the police. It would be so simple to just change your route and avoid the situation altogether, but by calling 9-1-1, you might just save a life.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you do your part in preventing impaired driving this season. Thank you for reading our post today, and may your holidays be safe!