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Last-minute Stocking Stuffers

A decorated mantle piece with holiday stockings hanging from it.

The holidays will be here before you know it! We image that you already have most of your main gifts purchased, though it’s possible that you might still be searching for a stocking stuffer or two. This week on the Cavalier Court Blog, we’re sharing a few of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas. Whether you’re looking for something practical, something funny, or both, keep reading for some great ideas!

Mini Smart Plug

Turn anything that plugs into the wall into a smart item with this mini smart plug! This sleek adapter will connect to your devices through Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. By plugging anything into this device (a strand of lights, a lamp, or a fan), you can now voice activate those items! This product is small enough to fit into a stocking, and it’s a gift that everyone is sure to love.

Muffin Tops Baking Cups

Does someone in your life love to bake? Make them laugh by stuffing these muffin top baking cups into their stocking. They look like the top half of a pair of jeans, so anything you bake in them will look like what people often call a muffin top.

Beard Cleanser

For people who pride themselves on their beards, this American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser will surely be well-received. This easy-to-use leave-in beard cleanser will help someone maintain their beard without adding tons of extra time to their routine. Bonus: It fits nicely inside a stocking this holiday season.

Guitar Pick Punch

Turn old library and credit cards into guitar picks with this handy guitar pick punch! Any guitar players in your life will understand the struggle of constantly losing

What are you stuffing your stockings with? Let our Fairfax, VA apartment community know by leaving a comment below! Happy Holidays!