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Make the Most of Your Balcony

woman enjoying a beverage on an apartment balcony


Many of our apartments here at Cavalier Court come equipped with an attached balcony or patio space for you to do your will with. In case you find yourself in need of ideas for how to use this space, we are sharing a few in this post. Enjoy the beauty of Fairfax, VA without leaving the comfort of your apartment by spending time on your balcony or patio.


Start a Garden

Turn your patio or balcony space into a luscious garden teeming with life. Plants not only look beautiful, but they also help to remove toxins from the air and give off oxygen. Personalize your garden according to your tastes and make it as big or as small as you wish. You don’t have to use your entire balcony/patio space as a garden; you could also designate a small section of it to gardening. Hanging baskets and planters are a great option if you are looking to conserve space.


A Place to Relax

Turn your balcony or patio space into your own personal getaway. Add a comfortable chair and a small table for a place you can go to eat, nap, have a cup of coffee, or read a book. Enjoy the sunshine as your body absorbs the vitamin D that it needs while you appreciate the good health that comes from being in the outdoors. This is the perfect place to go when you want to be alone when you need to think, or just when you want to admire nature.


Hang Wall Decor

The blank space of your patio wall could be a great space to display items you wouldn’t necessarily hang inside, like a kite collection to add a splash of color, your favorite fishing rod and net to showcase your interests, a string of lights to add a mystical element to your area, or colorful tapestries to give the balcony more of a sophisticated vibe.


The way you incorporate these and other items into your balcony can really make it feel like a home (just steps) away from home, so jot down your ideas and see what you can do! Let your personality shine through your decorations and give passersby a chance to admire this beautiful space that you’ve created.


How do you use your balcony space? Share your ideas and creativity with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post.