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Tips For a Better Night's Sleep from Cavalier Court

A cat asleep on a bed

This November, Cavalier Court Blog is wishing you a happy National Sleep Comfort Month! Because we figured there are probably some member of our Fairfax, VA apartment community who just can’t seem to sleep well, we decided to share some suggestions on how to improve the quality of your sleep not only this month, but all year long.  

Regulate Light and Noise

The levels of light and noise you are exposed to while sleeping have a huge effect on how well you sleep. When it comes to light, the darker the better. Make sure to close the blinds or shutters, and if doing that doesn’t block all the light, pick up an inexpensive sleep mask at a local convenience store. As far as noise goes, some people need silence to sleep, while others prefer the whir of a fan or the sound of white noise. Whatever you prefer, just make sure that it’s a consistent sound throughout the night.

Power Down

It isn’t uncommon for people to unwind by checking social media on their smartphones, or streaming a show on their tablets, and to do these things in bed. However, the blue light your screen hinders your ability to enter into deep sleep at a normal speed. Make sure to put away your screens at least an hour before bed for better-quality sleep.

Consider a New Mattress

When was the last time you bought yourself a new mattress? On average, they last 7-10 years, so you may be due for a new one. It isn’t just the age that matters, though; the firmness and comfort of your mattress are important as well. Soft mattresses, while they may feel comfortable at first, don’t provide the support your back needs. Extra firm ones may have support covered, but if they aren’t comfortable to you, they might keep you up at night. When choosing a new mattress, go for something in between!

Reset Your Body Clock

This month, take a few days to allow your body to reset its internal clock. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and without setting an alarm clock, let your body wake itself up at the time it naturally wants to do so. In order to find out how much sleep your body needs, make sure to do this for a couple of days and take note of any patterns in how long you sleep and when you wake up. After that, revisit how long you used to sleep before and make any needed adjustments to honor your body clock.

Implement a Pre-bedtime Ritual

Maybe you already have a morning ritual, but now it’s time to do the same for bedtime. Developing a pre-bedtime ritual that you do every night before you go to sleep, be it reading by lamplight or meditating or brewing a cup of herbal tea, sends a message to your body that it’s time for bed and helps it to start winding down.

Thanks for reading our post! We hope you sleep well tonight.