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What to Do When You’re Bored at the Airport

Portrait of pretty girl with long hair in glasses sitting outside in airport.

Last month, we shared movie recommendations from Redditors all over the world. Today, we’re looking to Reddit for tips about staying entertained while waiting at the airport. Since it’s summer you’ll likely be traveling, perhaps even on an airplane. Are you prepared to keep yourself busy should you find yourself delayed at an airport? Here are a few ideas.


But first, let’s recap! If you didn’t already know, Reddit is an online community where people can post content such as links, text posts, and images. The more popular the comments in the post, the more points they receive from other users. Here’s a great Reddit thread about the best ways to kill time at an airport.

  • Locate the Airport Therapy Dogs and play with them.

  • Walk around the whole airport. Use your wait time as an excuse to walk a 5k.

  • Return loose carts for the refund.

  • Take a selfie in front of an easily recognizable location. Set that selfie as your default image on Facebook. Download and sign in on Tinder. Set your match distance to one mile. Write in your profile that you’ll be waiting at the location in your profile. Start matching with people.

  • Pay to enter one of the lounges. These can be costly, but the free food and comfortable chairs (even showers sometimes) are worth it if you’re waiting for a while.

  • Buy a book from one of the vendors and read it.

  • Play Nintendo Switch.

  • Two words: people watching.


When you leave your apartment and are found waiting at an airport, what are some things you do to keep yourself busy? Share your tips in the comments below so that all of our residents traveling outside of Fairfax, VA can benefit. We hope you have a great month and rest of the summer. Thanks for reading!